Essential Oils and Extreme Temperatures

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Will the freezing or heating of essential oils have an adverse affect on them? What happens when they are shipped during times of extreme weather conditions?

The answer is neither freezing or heating the essential oils in “normal” shipping conditions will damage them.  There are a few common sense things to know about heated or cooled oils and why you don’t have to be concerned about certain types of temperature exposure. (more…)

Tried and True Recipes Using Essential Oils

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Posted on December 15th, 2014 |

As your essential oil collection increases, so does your know-how. You learn which oils are best to use in the morning. You curate a mental list of diffusion blends that change the mood in your home. And you know which essential oils help you find your Zen when added to bathwater. But did you know that many essential oils can be used in the kitchen? Enjoy the power of essential oils from the inside out!

I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips for using essential oils in the kitchen. Add these delicious tips to your repertoire! (more…)