Vicki Sarnoff is a Health Coach who specializes in helping people make healthier choices in their lives.

Health Coach Services

I help my clients understand the relationship between their health and the food they ingest. Each person is an individual and therefore his/her food choice is a personal choice. Working together we can identify those choices, learn how to prepare delicious nourishing food and reach your desired goals.

You may want to eat a better vegetarian diet, vegan, paleo or other dietary choices or you may want to lose weight, learn to eat for a disease (auto-immune diseases is one of my specialties) or just feel better.

Meals can be provided if you don’t want to cook or do not have the time to prepare your own meals.

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Wellness & Patient Advocacy Services


My approach to advocacy is to represent you when you require care from our health system, helping you through the complicated processes.

Whether or not you are ill, managing your health can be confusing and overwhelming.

And when things go wrong, it can be hard to get your voice heard by the health care professionals around you.

I can guide you through the confusing maze of health care with caring and sensitivity.

Services include, but are not limited to, accompanying you to a doctors visit or a medical test, helping you interpret your lab results, or identifying alternative care options.

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Vicki also specializes in several others modalities that can assist you in living a healthier life:

Essential Oils – Click here to learn more

Bach Flower Essences  – Click here to learn more

Reiki – Click here to learn more