Garlic- Your Immune Building Super Star

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For thousands of years, people all over the world have hailed garlic as an elixir of health. Its cloves are said to help treat the common cold, keep the plague at bay, and even ward off vampires. Despite its notorious odor, this veggie is the bulb of a plant in the sweet-smelling lily family. Ancient writings show that garlic was used as an aphrodisiac in India and as currency in Egypt. (more…)

Essential Oils and Extreme Temperatures

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Will the freezing or heating of essential oils have an adverse affect on them? What happens when they are shipped during times of extreme weather conditions?

The answer is neither freezing or heating the essential oils in “normal” shipping conditions will damage them.  There are a few common sense things to know about heated or cooled oils and why you don’t have to be concerned about certain types of temperature exposure. (more…)

Treating Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

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Seasonal allergies are caused by the body’s inability to adapt to changes in the environment. While some of us may thrive with the onset of the spring season, it is also known for bringing on:

  • sneezing
  • watery eyes
  • swollen sinuses
  • discomfort

for those who do not adapt easily. (more…)

What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

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That’s a good question — what does a patient advocate do?  And there are a handful of answers, depending on the kind of help you need.

Some advocates help you with insurance claims, or review your hospital bills.  Others might sit with you at home while you convalesce, or help you understand a difficult diagnosis and an extended list of treatment options.  In fact, there’s a long list of services patients or health advocates might provide. (more…)

Tried and True Recipes Using Essential Oils

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Posted on December 15th, 2014 |

As your essential oil collection increases, so does your know-how. You learn which oils are best to use in the morning. You curate a mental list of diffusion blends that change the mood in your home. And you know which essential oils help you find your Zen when added to bathwater. But did you know that many essential oils can be used in the kitchen? Enjoy the power of essential oils from the inside out!

I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips for using essential oils in the kitchen. Add these delicious tips to your repertoire! (more…)

5 Foods for an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Inflammation is your immune system’s reaction to irritation, injury, or infection. It’s a normal response and actually a good thing and it’s a natural part of healing. But, it’s possible that chronic inflammation could have a negative impact on your body and your health. Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to counter some of the chronic inflammation that comes from leading a not-so-healthy lifestyle. These 5 foods are all nutritious and fit perfectly into an anti-inflammatory diet. (more…)