Vicki Sarnoff

Vicki and Beans

I am Integrative Nutrition Educator and Wellness Advocate working with people and their pets offering holistic solutions for their health and well-being.

My tools include Patient Advocacy, based on my 20 years experience as a patient advocate for Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Reiki, Bach Flower Essences and Nutritional Education based on my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a certification from Columbia University.

I love to work with people who are:

– Goal oriented to improve their health

– Open to learning??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

– Good collaborators

– Interested in food

– People who want help to improve the health and well being of their animals

Food as Medicine

I was a junk food vegetarian (which is not uncommon for vegetarians) and changed my life after attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®.

This experience broadened me to lead a healthier life, eat a nutrition dense diet, and support my physical and emotional needs.

Vicki KitchenThese are the tools which I now use to help others eat and feel better whether they are a vegetarian or an omnivore.

I believe that there are multiple ways to have a healthier lifestyle, and I love to work with my clients to find the best match for them.

What feeds my soul is my role as the Nutrition Educator for Rolling Harvest Food Rescue, a not-for-profit organization serving the population of  Bucks and Hunterton Counties.

Patient Advocacy

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My 20 years as a patient advocate increased my knowledge of the healthcare industry and the inner workings of hospitals and physician practices.

Because of that experience, I offer you the knowledge of a multitude of therapeutic areas.

This valuable resource will help you navigate our healthcare system and evaluate and provide suggestions to improve your health.

I speak the language of pharmaceuticals due to my 15 years spent in clinical research.

I bring into my private practice the understanding of how pharmaceuticals impact our lives from a positive and a negative perspective.

About My Own Journey

The impact of autoimmune diseases came into the forefront of my life when my late husband was diagnosed with a catastrophic autoimmune disease, a blood clotting disorder, that caused multiple strokes that ultimately left him with no treatment options.

After his passing, I too was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and began my quest to determine the root cause and how I could heal myself using food, lifestyle changes, therapeutic oils, and my meditative practice.

I learned how to support my immune system so I could lessen the impact of this disease.

What are you looking for?How can I help?

– If you are looking to change your current eating style to be better, healthier and more supportive…….I can help.

– If you are looking for help to lessen the symptoms of an autoimmune disease using nutrition and lifestyle changes…… I can help.

– If you are lost in the quagmire of our healthcare system or need support in dealing with doctors and hospitals…… I can help.

– If you want to bring new options to the care and health of your pet….I can help.


I invite you to join me for a complimentary 15 minute session to get acquainted and determine if we are the match that brings the changes you desire.

Email me at: health@vickisarnoff.com to schedule a date and time


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I would love to hear from you and share my knowledge and experience.

You have nothing to lose –

You have everything to gain by taking this one small step.

Yours in good health,